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Texture & Finish

Sprayer Application

  • Orange Peel
  • Popcorn
  • Splatter Knockdown

Manual Application

  • Skip Trowel
  • Hawk and Trowel
  • Crowsfoot
  • Double Brush
  • Stomp Knockdown

Drywall Texture in Sioux Falls

Drywall texture is the final application on your drywall that creates a textured finish on the wall or ceiling. These textures can greatly affect the look and overall feel of the room. The drywall texture that is chosen can often be an important part of the design plan for the rooms trim, furniture and colors. There are a variety of types, styles and patters of texture. Maxwell Drywall uses a variety of application methods including troweling, spraying, brushes, rolling, sponging and more. Some are very smooth finishes that show slights differences throughout the wall or ceiling, while others have deep crevices and high sweeping peaks. We are Sioux Falls drywall texture experts!

High Profile Drywall Texture

High profile drywall texture can be considered a thick texture finish. These finishes are common in large homes and businesses with high ceilings and large accent pieces such as fireplaces and cross beams. These drywall finishes generally are applied much thicker with deep crevices and sweeping peaks. Thick texture finish is hand troweled for a unique custom look.

Low Profile Drywall Texture

Low profile drywall texture is the most common drywall texture finish in Sioux Falls homes. These finishes do not require a large amount of troweling and materials. There are a variety of patterns, but they are all similar in that they do not have deep peaks and are gradual differences throughout the wall or ceiling. These differences allow for light to reflect properly resulting in a warm and comfortable feeling throughout the room.

Smooth Profile Drywall Texture

Smooth profile drywall texture is common in newer and modern style homes. This clean and polished look is still mudded in, but requires exceptional craftsmanship to create a smooth and even surface.